We do more than just manufacture: we think along with our customers, and have done so for 20 years!

TKT Plastics – we stand for innovative plastic components, made with the thermoplastic injection molding process. And have done so since 2002! At TKT Plastics, you will receive a full-service package. We design everything from individual injection molding components to complex assemblies, and produce the relevant tools in-house – regardless of whether it’s a new development, series production or the relocation of existing production processes. Upon request, we will also take care of assembly and packaging for you. Whatever your interest around the injection molding of plastics, we are your first contact!

Our customers include both international industrial and consumer companies. Our priority is intensive support, from the initial contact and mold development to the series production of plastic assemblies. We are glad to provide personal help! Our focus is on developing and supplying you with the best products in the market. With our broad spectrum of experience, we are able to flexibly respond to new market and customer requirements.


We will quickly assess the feasibility of your projects and create a quotation.

At your busy workplace, you often don’t have enough time to wait for quotations. We know this, which is why we will provide you with a feasibility analysis for your request within 48 hours. This way, you quickly know whether or not your project can be realized according to your requirements. Within 14 days, you will receive a detailed quote for all injection molding components and plastic assemblies.

We develop to series production reliably and punctually

To us, it is important to only produce and plan injection molding components for you that meet our high quality standards. This sometimes means that it may not be possible to realize all customer requirements 1-to-1 – however, we will develop a product to series production for you that will provide you with long-term satisfaction. Thanks to our comprehensive expertise, we can offer a good solution for any obstacle, regardless of how large or small. Throughout the planning and production phase, a dedicated contact will support you from our location and serve as the link between you and our production department. For you, this means maximum transparency and personal collaboration based on trust at all times.

We guarantee the quality of our products

We are the reliable partner at your side that can react flexibly to unforeseen challenges during the production process. We guarantee to produce your injection molding components and plastic assemblies on schedule and in top quality – even if issues such as supply bottlenecks for materials or purchased products arise. Our work is solution-oriented: you can concentrate on your core business and leave the problem-solving to us. After all, you can count on TKT Plastics!


We reduce the use of plastics – for a sustainable future

The future of our planet is very important to our company. But many people do not connect plastics with sustainable industry. We want to prove that there is indeed a connection! In line with this aim, we have two research partnerships. They enable us to develop new materials, such as cellulose-based plastics, that make plastics sustainable. We also optimize each new injection molding project with regard to material use – plastic reduction is our guiding principle. Remember: the most sustainable plastic is the plastic that is never used! At the same time, this makes plastics production less expensive – and you directly benefit from this.

We also apply various measures in order to reduce our company’s energy consumption. For example, we use compressor and production heat to heat our production facility and, in 2022, we are planning for the maximum utilization of all the potential photovoltaic areas on our building to generate as much of our own power as possible.


Our team always works hand in hand to ensure that we can do everything for you!

Our team’s cohesion is very special. Despite – or perhaps because of – our 60 employees, we work very closely and help each other, even across departments. This motivates us to always think outside the box and we make sure that your orders are realized to your 100% satisfaction. Thanks to our flexible mode of working, we are able to quickly react to orders with short turn-around times as well. Our family-like work atmosphere ensures that our team’s satisfaction is high, and we have virtually no employee fluctuation – many of us have worked for the company for years. We also appreciate the wide-ranging opportunities for personal development that we have at TKT. We are convinced that a satisfied team delivers the best results and with them, the best products for you, our customer.

At our company, “work-life balance” is not just a buzzword. That is why Osnabrück, our home district, has certified that we are a family-friendly company. Thanks to individual, flexible working hour models (including working from home) and our shift system in production, we can satisfactorily respond to the concerns of parents. It is also a matter of course for us to remain in personal contact with our employees during parental leave or nursing care leave, as they remain part of the team at such times.

Full speed ahead: our course for more than 20 years

TKT Plastics was founded in the 1990’s and has been at the current location with state-of-the-art infrastructure since 2002. The company ran into trouble due to a major project in 2003, and the founder had to part ways with the company. But our strong team cohesion was already visible at that time: our employees remained loyal to the company – as did our suppliers and customers – and by 2012, our team had successfully put TKT back on the right course. Since then, our collaboration with our key customers has been close and based on trust. In 2013, the company was taken over by the Brinkmann family (Dr. Annemarie and Dr. Peter Brinkmann), and has enjoyed stable growth with customers old and new. We expanded our production facility in 2020 and now use more than 5,000 square meters. We are continuing on our growth course and continuously invest in employees, technology and automation.